Communicating the Tools of the Common Agricultural Policy by the Examples of Young Farmers

AGRYA - Agricultural and Rural Youth Association, Hungary started a communications project – with the support of the European Union, Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development – entitled “Communicating the Tools of the Common Agricultural Policy by the Examples of Young Farmers”.

Rural Adventures Program - More than a reality show - Reality itself

All of us have some kind of a picture about the world that surrounds us. A major role in its formation is played by the place where we live, the feelings, experiences we got during our life. It is not any different, when we are thinking or talking about the countryside, about agriculture: everybody echoes his or her own observations.

To youth about Common Agricultural Policy

According to the experiences, youth primarily make judgements about agriculture and the support mechanism attached to it through what they have read or stories over-exposed by the media, often influenced by alter-globalisational opinions.

Study visit of urban youth to the Northern Great Plain

The first station of the project-organised excursion series was the Northern Great Plain region, where they could get a feel of the personal and professional motivations of the farmers, the procedures and difficulties of husbandry by visiting successful enterprises of the area.

Study visit to the Western Transdanubia

During the two-days journey which was oriented to the Western Transdanubia region, the youth visited the farm of András Takács in Szákszend and Attila Koicz's in Kisigmánd.

Study visit to the Southern Great Plain


The last station of the series of study trips was the region of the Southern Great Plain, where the young participants visited animal breeding farms, horticultural establishments, a producer cooperation, and even a fridge house, to gain personal experiences about agriculture by walking around the farms and talking to young farmers managing them.

Study visit to Austria


The goal of the study trip was to let young Hungarians get to know the Austrian application of the Common Agricultural Policy and to introduce the agricultural production methods, specialities, and the legal regulations that can be found in Austria.

AGRYA helps journalists to have a credible picture

AGRYA - Agricultural and Rural Youth Association, Hungary wants to provide agricultural journalists with credible and useful information with its two-part programme.

TELLUS Educational Programme


With the educational programme, we want to raise the awareness of children at the most susceptible age to their environment. All this is done by ordinary and specialized methods of education.

TELLUS Workshop

I got engaged with AGRYA in early 2011 thanks to the “Grow Your Own!” (GYO) Programme. Our school’s class of 4.b participated in the “movement” that has been initiated by the organisation and became national by now.