The execution of the TELLUS Programme in Balatonboglár


The Primary School of Boglár realizes the TELLUS programme with the 4th grade students on the nature classes and by visiting farms. The latter one makes unforgettable experiences for the young pupils, which the next reports represent.

TELLUS Programme in the Klauzál Gábor Primary School at Szentes


The motto of our program: „If you don't know something, you don't like it. If you don't like it, you don't even respect it, so thus yo don't shelter it.” (Dr. Albert Tóth)

Both the parents of the pupils and the principal welcomed the TELLUS Educational Programme happily.

Tellus Programme in Balmazújváros


Kids waited eagerly for AGRYA's young farmers at March 27th in the morning already. We sorted out every detail in advance with my fellow teachers participating in the programme and young farmer Lívia Vrancsikné.

The unforgettable Tellus Day in Nagyréde


At last, the long-expected day has finally come in Nagyréde, that we have been organising with principal Erika Kelemen and the uyoung farmers: horticulturalists Orsolya and Borbála Benedek, winemaker Tamás Gácsi, and animal breeder Zsuzsanna Szabó for a long time for my class, the 2nd grade of Saint Imre Primary School.

TELLUS Programme in Szegvár


The students of class 6. a and 6. b of Máté Forray Primary School and Basic Artistic Educational Institute at Szegvár participated in TELLUS programme, during which the children had a chance to visit three farms and get a lot of useful information about the sectors of agriculture.

Young Farmers' Conference and Workshop

AGRYA–Agricultural and Rural Youth Association, Hungary held the Young Farmers' Conference and Workshop on the 24-25th of February 2012. Young farmers could get acquainted here with the current ambitions in agricultural policy, the support trends, the innovations of agricultural technology and to get more financial and taxation knowledge.