The adventurers tried out even vaccinating and hoof trimming


András Vrancsik, who is living on the periphery of the Hortobágy, wanted to show the beauties of agriculture rather than its hardships. The adventurers who visited him were able to work with almost 800 of his sheep as well as with his broiler chickens.

Every bite of the melon became appriciated


Its juice is far surpassing any antioxidant-filled and aloe vera swill, especially after manual labor with 130 quintals of melon – says Norbert Vass about watermelons, following work partly at Ernő Süli and partly at a cattle farm.

The young farmer is cultivating melons on eleven hectares


Ernő Süli is cultivating melons on eleven hectares at Kunágota (Békés county), where most of the locals have a similar occupation. He hopes that participants of Rural Adventures Programme will become more conscious consumers as a result of the programme.

The adventurers were thrown into deep water at the first day


László L. Simon, member of the Parliament from the Fidesz party, hosted two urban young guests in July 2011 at his estate in Agárd. Kornél Myat and Dániel Rózsa got to know the nuts and bolts of picking apricots, and they were introduced to the mysteries of tying grapevines and making barrels impermeable.

The grass beneath, the sky above


The Rural Adventure of Réka Hegedűs, who lived at the Hortobágy accompanied by almost 800 sheep, was more than a language course, an anti-stress work therapy, a country or a self-knowledge quiz.

Unpowered romanticism


Zsolt Gilicze hosted four young people from Budapest for five-six days on his farm, which is situated between Hódmezővásárhely and Szentes, and which does not have electricity, the nearest asphalt road being three-four kilometres away.

“What may be these urban girls capable of?”


We arrived at a Sunday afternoon to the Szakál-farm at Hajdúdorog with Adrienn Földes. After that, we were guided through the farm and shown around. Both sides were trying to judge the other: “what may be these urban girls capable of?” Then came the jokes, and they were waiting on our reactions to them. We were also trying to get a grip on the situation, just having been arrived from the city, will we be able to prove ourselves?

"I was not about to do this as a city girl who has never seen a sheep"


Politics and the agricultural sector are not the most feminine areas, but Rebeka Szabó, a Member of the Hungarian Parliament (from the LMP party) and also the Agriculture Committee (as well as being the Chairperson of the Renewable Energy Sub-Committee), is familiar with both areas. During the summer – proving her abilites and commitment – she participated in the Rural Adventure Programme of AGRYA, where she had the opportunity to gain first-hand experiences about the farm of Gergely Madarász.