TELLUS Workshop

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I got engaged with AGRYA in early 2011 thanks to the “Grow Your Own!” (GYO) Programme. Our school’s class of 4.b participated in the “movement” that has been initiated by the organisation and became national by now.

In October 14-15, 2011, I participated in the introduction of TELLUS Educational Programme in Tata with a few of my colleagues although I arrived with some basic knowledge thanks to the Internet. The organisers connected the introduction and debate of TELLUS Programme, the dissemination of practical knowledge with the evaluation of GYO's experiences. So the event's programme started with an informal discussion about GYO on the 14th of October, where we, teachers shared our experiences with the organisers. This was followed by the introduction of TELLUS Programme.

First, we had the chance to hear detailed reports about the reasons, goals of the programme from AGRYA's workers and president, and from former partners who already had the chance to try out the the programme. After that, we could see the programme's goals, characteristics, set-up in written form on a projector, and we also had a glimpse into the system of agriculture and Common Agricultural Policy. Naturally, we received detailed information about the experiences of the project from the Programme's organisers on one hand and a young farmer on the other hand who was an active participant of this programme as a host. Therefore, his experiences proved to be especially valuable.
But the most important part of the introduction was about getting to know the coursebooks, the workbook, the graphic novel and the assistant material for teachers.
After that, every other aiding material was given to all participants as a Programme Package CD. Of course, we teachers – who give this theoretical knowledge to our pupils best – were interested in these most.
After this, we had the chance to summarise what we heard as an informal round table discussion, and we had the opportunity to make suggestions about the execution of the Programme.
On the 15th of October, we visited young farmers, András Takács plant cultivator and Attila Kozicz animal breeder, to gain experiences for our later farm visits from school.
After the event, I informed the leadership of the school, and I handed them the material given. But none of my colleagues undertook the considerable extra work that accompanies the participation in the Programme. Although I had been “gardening” with my class successfully during Grow Your Own!, so we started the Tellus Educational Program enthusiastically with the kids.
As a teacher who had been grown up in the countryside, who has experiences in agriculture and daily contact with it thanks to our family business, I could fully identify myself with the goals of the programme.
During the programme, we built on practical experiences with my 10-year-old students primarily in this school year, after learning the knowledge from the programme package's books of course. I organised the three “farm visits” to take local specialities and connection with our school into regard.
This way, our students may know how farmers live and work nowadays in our countryside. Of whom one day they may follow the footsteps.
The success of TELLUS Educational Programme surely does not depend on AGRYA's leadership, workers, the enthusiasm of participating teachers and the attitude of farmers who joined it!

Anna Tomity, Teacher
Primary School of Boglár