Tellus Programme in Balmazújváros

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Kids waited eagerly for AGRYA's young farmers at March 27th in the morning already. We sorted out every detail in advance with my fellow teachers participating in the programme and young farmer Lívia Vrancsikné.

Before the farm visits, the teachers prepared the 4th and 5th graders for the probable events during the lessons, and they got to know and solved the relevant exercises of the books. Lívia undertook the task of keeping contact with the farmers, and I informing the parents. We invited the reporter of the local TV, who spent a part of the day with us. Luckily, we found a day when the vast majority of the classes were held by teachers participating in the programme.
Lívia Vrancsikné and István Szanka held their spirited and exciting presentation in the classroom, that made the pupils even more interested. We excitedly prepared to go to the site. At the chicken farm, their knowledge was widened even further.
They spoke almost with the eye of a “smart little farmer” about what they have learnt, their future plans. The farmers received many-many questions both here and next to the agricultural machines introduced by István Szanka. Both of them were excellent presenters and superb partners. The children had been already enthusiastic about the books and curriculum of Tellus Programme, but the knowledge in the book was made personal by these farm visits.
We had a good time at both sites, and we were waiting excitedly for the introduction of the third farmer, Ottó Szakál at  his cow farm in Hajdúdorog. He held his presentation on the scene and led us through the work phases: from the “suites” of the small calves through the road of fattening, milking, and processing the milk. We drank real, cooled milk with a joyous feeling.
The expressive presentations of the farmers and the farm visits made the material in the book alive for every child. They gained valuable knowledge. We processed during home class what we had seen and heard in groups, and after that, individual compositions were written following a commonly made outline.
Thanks for the young farmers of AGRYA for these experiences that will nourish us even in the future!

Istvánné Mihalik, Teacher
Calvinist Primary School and Nursery of Balmazújváros